Giani Jewelry Company offers a wide selection of bold and beautiful silver jewelry. Our items are authentic, artistic and fully handmade in the USA.

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"Inspirations of Lost Treasures" Line

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Giani Jewelry Co. Eternal Blossom Line

Peter Giani

Peter Giani

Giani Jewelry Company

Giani has built partnerships with some of the most renowned jewelry designers and manufacturers of our time, creating impressive pieces for luxury brand name gothic, rock and roll, and biker jewelry designers. He has drawn wisdom from each mistake, gained experienced from every accomplishment, and mustered these tools of knowledge as a part of his creative arsenal.

Sylvester Stallone Proudly Carrying Gothic Bracelet by Giani Inspirations

Sylvester Stallone Proudly Carrying Giani Bracelet from Giani Inspirations Line.

Apart from his multi-dimensional imagination, Giani’s “inspirations” have turned into masterful pieces. His jewelry has a large following of fans which include a number of celebrities, such as Sylvester Stallone.

Thriving on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, Giani Jewelry Co. seeks to create unique sterling silver gothic jewelry for fans throughout the globe. Based in Los Angeles, California, Giani Jewelry Co. is a leader in quality artistic fashion jewelry because each piece is tastefully handcrafted without CG machines. Encompassing cultural and artistic modern-day themes, Giani Jewelry Co. presents a line of masterfully crafted sterling silver jewelry unlike any other.

 Mission Statement:

Taking this privileged opportunity, I intend to bring my highly acclaimed and mastered artwork to the attention of the taste-conscious American market. The inherent beauties of the natural world, and in particular the attractive marine environment in conjunction with inspirations from rock and roll, biker, gothic, and historic style artwork, have been the deepest sources of my artistic inspiration and creativity. I strive to bring you the latest styles and trends in the art of jewelry. Each precious piece means a lot to me, and is a tangible representation of my soul and mind. -Peter Giani … read more–>